Maria’s Libraries is committed to strengthening and promoting a library network in Kenya. We are excited to currently be engaged in 5 primary activities:

  • Promoting innovative programs through libraries, establishing libraries as spaces for community-led development

    • Providing access and training to teach adults and kids to use libraries, new technologies, and books

    • Working with local actors to ensure local content in libraries

    • Running innovative programs for education, political and economic development, and cultural promotion through Kitabu Kenya

  • Building a modern, fully equipped library in Busia, Kenya

    • Bringing books, equipment, to furniture to Library in Busia, Kenya

  • Kitabu Kenya: Networking Libraries

    • Piloting a network of 5 libraries to explore opportunities and challenges in networking libraries

    • Connecting libraries through librarian trainings, internet, and programming

    • Training librarians in community- led programming, information management, and organizational management

  • Developing and promoting a responsible approach to development

    • Resource page on website to share lessons with similar organizations

    • Researching around all program areas, as well as around issues faced in daily operation in conjunction with universities, and other research institutions

  • Promoting philanthropic networks around libraries in Kenya

    • Fundraising events in Busia and Nairobi; and with diaspora in New York City

    • Micro-philanthropy, working with local self help and micro finance gorups to educate about libraries, solicit group donations

    • Mpesa, solicit donations through on-line banking to improve accountability and access

Throughout, we strive to represent a model of responsible development, troubleshooting as we go. This includes community responsibility in decision-making and project management, working to strengthen local and national government collaboration. All activities are demand-driven; we only work in areas where community members or partner organizations have requested our involvement.