Children for Children

Maria’s Libraries is proud to have recently launched Watoto kwa Watoto (Children for Children), providing tablet computers at the Busia Community Library.  These tablets have been loaded with games designed to support the Kenyan curriculum.  While the tablets are available to any student visiting the library, children from underperforming schools in Busia Township have been invited to the library once a week, to work in teams on virtual scavenger hunts designed to teach the children how to use the technology while engaging in play. Under the theory of Minimally Invasive Education, we expect that participating children will by their own initiative engage with the games we provide, and seek more on their own. This will in turn increase their technical literacy and improve their subject knowledge.  This pilot program will be running through April 2013.  We’ll post the evaluations of the programs as we go!

Watoto kwa Watoto is made possible through generous support from EIFL.